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Do you love birds? There is no other than this area in the south of Campeche with Xpujil-Rio Bec to the east, Silvituk in the west and Calakmul. A very important area of ​​migration where each season has its charms for the varieties. Come and know the jungle and its wonders where you will live a unique experience full of emotions when interacting within different environments. There are specialized guides and lovers of the avian world.


They know the various places, trees, flowering seasons ... of nature, as well as the songs and customs of birds. The tour can be taken in conjunction with visits to ruins or trails to see wildlife, but with a focus on bird watching.


We can offer you several tours and routes depending on the available time. The tours can be taken only by bird watching or can be easily combined with a nature tour for wildlife observation or archeological site with attention to bird watching to guided tours of a few days.


Calakmul has ecosystems of great importance, richness and fragility among which predominates the low forest, the subperennifolia medium forest and the high forests, small grasslands, open areas of acahuales and low management forest areas.


The reserve is home to endangered species of fauna, among which the jaguar, ocelot, tigrillo, spider monkey, howler monkey, anteater, oco-faisan, harpy eagle and tapir. It would be best to leave early with a guide, around 5: 30-6, when the animals go out to eat, take a walk on the trails and then go to visit the site of Calakmul. The trails are between the hotel and the archaeological site of Calakmul.

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